The vision for Four One Seven comes from Eleni Gountanos and her parents, Anthony and Sophie Pavlou. Eleni spent her teens working alongside her father in the family grocery store, and brings her passion for flair and colour, while Anthony and Sophie have over 30 years experience in the food industry and a keen eye for design. Eleni’s favourite elements of fire and water have heavily influenced the theme, with water representing tranquility and life, while fire stands for the spice of life, the sound of crackling wood during family time around the fireplace, and the sizzle of food on the grill. Family and the community of the Danforth are very important to the Gountanos/Pavlous, and it shows in their commitment to realizing Eleni and Anthony’s dream together.



There is a parking lot located on Chester, just a skip and a jump away from the front doors of Four One Seven.


In the general manager’s role, Four One Seven Restaurant and Lounge has Nick Merzetti, with 13 years restaurant, events and club management experience. Nick also specializes in regional and local programs for beer, cocktails and wine. Working in conjunction with Executive Chef Tyson Lambert, the beer program features a collection of Ontario Craft and Micro Brewers. Playing on Nick’s flare for regional ingredients, the wine list will feature many Canadian and American wines, as well as Old World classics. Also, the coffee, tea and featured cocktail menus will reflect this passion and commitment to staying local. Drawing from his passions for food and drink, Nick brings dynamic flare and incredible excitement to what will be a thoughtful dining experience.